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2021: Turn Your Realizations Into Application

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! It's been 7 days into the new year and I am still in complete shock that 2021 is really here. 2020 was definitely an eventful year and the year of the unexpected, but necessary. Through all of the ups and downs, I've been able to gain new perspectives. One of the biggest things I learned is that in order to truly grow and change, there has to be conviction and humility. At the beginning of last year, I remember seeing the whole trend of 2020 vision and how everyone was claiming it was their year, myself included. However, a lot of us did not realize the full magnitude of what 2020 vision really meant. Sometimes, it takes unfortunate or uncomfortable situations for that vision to be clearly seen and for us to be humbled. Positive changes never come while we're comfortable. We now have no other choice but to be intentional & purposeful with our lives because at any given moment, it can all be over. Instead of dwelling on the pains of 2020, let's apply what we've learned and turn those realizations into application!

In today's blog post, I've decided to share some soul food as we all embark on this new journey. Here are a few tips that I hope will help you to actually apply what you've learned last year to this year:

  1. PRAY: This is my #1 tip for EVERYTHING. Last year really shook the world and forced us to change our ways for the better. It also made us see how much we need God in our lives. From a global pandemic, racial tension, to depressed days that seemed to have no end, no other power can or would've been able to help us, but Him. Only He could bring us through all the turmoil of 2020, so it's only right that we do everything with His lead, and letting His plans be what we desire, above all else. After all His way is the best! (Philippians 4:6)

  2. STAY AWAY FROM RESOLUTIONS: According to Forbes, research shows that approximately 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by the second week of February and I can also attest to this fact. Throughout the years, I've put so many resolutions in place that I forget about not even half way into the year. I remember deciding that I was going to work out everyday and fell off schedule even before January was over. I'm not saying that New Year's resolutions don't work for some people. However, the idea of creating resolutions may put unnecessary pressure on yourself and only sets you up for disappointment, especially when reaching some of your goals is not dependent on just you, but sometimes circumstance. Instead of creating resolutions, focus on goals that are more attainable and your motivation for changing. A new year should not be the only time you decide to be a better you.

  3. BE SELF-AWARE: Notice your feelings, habits, reactions, behaviors, and thoughts. Recognize the pros and cons of doing what you usually do, and change accordingly. Sometimes, practicing self-awareness can be obvious, while other times it's not. You may need to dig deep within yourself in order to understand why you're in a stagnant place. For example, I struggled with insecurity for most of my life, and tried so hard to mask it. Often times, ignoring that made me project in the way I would act in certain situations. Being self-aware establishes accountability which is a solid foundation that's important for knowing who you are and becoming a better person for you and others around you.

  4. USE YOUR TIME WISELY: If 2020 hasn't taught us anything else, it's taught us the value and impermanence of time. Time waits for no one and if you don't use it properly, you can end up in frustrating situations. In anything you're doing, set aside personal down time to take breaks and re-group. We always emphasize working hard as an essential to being successful, when rest is just as important. At the same time, know when it is time to get up and do the work. Your goals won't be accomplished if you don't put in work. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8);

  5. DON'T COMPARE & BE YOURSELF: I know this is a cliché that is often seen on social media, but it is a truth that I know for myself- Comparison is the thief of joy! When you compare yourself to others, you are working towards living a lie. Social media has made us think we need to have everything validated all the time or follow the latest trends in order to be seen as SOMEBODY. When in reality, we've all been created by God for a specific purpose, and there's no use in trying to be like someone else. Your life is not going to be like someone else's because guess what? You ARE NOT THEM. Stay focused, live on purpose, and be patient with yourself. It's time to stop comparing so you can start living.

Look Details:

Dress: Hanifa

Turtleneck: Pretty Little Thing

Boots: INC

Rings: Land of Gold, Mejuri, & Etsy (Name Ring)

Hair Accessories: Vintage

I hope you guys are inspired by this post! Stay tuned for more looks!

Much peace and love,

- Nay.

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