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5 Black Owned Pieces You Need In Your Closet

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Happy Black History Month guys! In these first two months of 2021, I’ve been making it my duty to change some things in my life, based on what I’ve learned from last year. One of the biggest things that captured my focus, was the need to start buying black. Since the call to do so became mainstream on social media, I’ve decided to incorporate black owned pieces into my closet on a consistent basis, even when the trend is over. So in honor of BHM, I created another look that contains special, black-owned pieces that your closet has been missing:

1. OLIVIA MAXI DRESS: An automatic show stopper, this lime green dress is the perfect knit that’ll be sure to elevate your winter wardrobe! Not only does it enhance your curves, but it’s made from a super heavy knit that’ll keep you warm on the coldest days.

2. BRIAR BOOTS: Every girl needs a good pair of classic white boots in their closet, but this bandana print boot instantly changes the game. If you love street-edge mixed with a bit of class, these are the boots for you.

3. ALPHA BUCKET HAT: I know I’ve said before that I’m weary of certain trends, but how can you not love a fuzzy bucket hat? This trend has made its way back from the 90s and is practical, yet super stylish. This piece contains the perfect mix of primary and secondary colors that can add a statement to any look on any day.

4. BUSHWICK BIRKIN: Do I even need to say much? Telfar bags are the perfect touch for any look, dressed up or down. Even though they’ve gotten super trendy last year, I’m confident that these bags will remain a classic, wardrobe staple for years to come.

5. RINGS RINGS RINGS: If you are ring-obsessed like me, then you’ll discover that black owned accessory brands have brought the gold jewelry game to another level! These rings pictured, are just a few of my favorite rings that I wear almost everyday. Whether you prefer gold or silver, these shops will meet all your jewelry needs.

Look Details:

Dress: Hanifa

Boots: Nicolette Nichelle

Bucket Hat: Kady’s Kloset

Purse: Telfar Global

Ruby Ring: NYZ Accessory Shop

Cross & Chain Ring: Land of Gold

Rainbow Ring: NXC Vintage Shop

If you weren’t convinced before, I hope this look convinces you to start buying black! Not just during Black History Month, but all year round. Whether you’re black or not, it’s important that we all come together to really show our support of these well-deserving black owned brands, just as we would buy from our favorite high end brands that are not black owned. Are you going to still be buying black even after the hype?

All amazing photos by Mariama Hutson (Instagram: Book her ya'll!!

Stay tuned for more posts and looks! Much peace and love,

- Nay.

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