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An Ode To My Crown 2: Embracing Beauty In My Bantu Knots

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

If you’ve been following me or my blog for a long time, you’d know that I’m super in love with my culture. More specifically, I’ve come to truly love and appreciate the beauty of my thick and unique natural hair. When I wrote my “Ode to My Crown” post last year, I was inspired to find and create light in the middle of such a tumultuous time for my people by positively talking about my hair. In these last few days of Black History Month (and beyond), I’m continuing the positive narrative, in hopes of encouraging my fellow sistas and brothas to be secure within their amazing mane as well!

Through the inspiration of my brother, I decided to do a bolder, yet classic hairstyle that further amplifies one of the best elements of my beautiful, black culture and sticks to my roots. Even though bantu knots have become more mainstream recently, they’ve always been a staple in our culture’s history, especially within my family. While talking with my grandmother and mother about the reminiscent culture of Jamaica, I would often learn about how women would carry themselves back in the day, and the impact it has on today’s generation. Though widely known as Bantu Knots, we Jamaicans affectionately refer to this style as Chiney Bumps. For those who don’t know, Chiney bump is a twisted (or braided) portion of hair wrapped around itself to form a bun. Most of the women in my family would frequently rock them as a means of easy protective styling, while making a bold statement.

Growing up, I never felt secure enough to rock Chiney bumps outside of the house. Normally, I would just do them to achieve a curly, stretched fro. Even though I have become more comfortable with my hair in different styles in the past two years, going outside with a bunch of knots in my hair seemed so far fetched and bizarre to me because of the normal straight styles I would see on black women. However, I’m learning to love my crown especially in every way, shape, and form, carrying the same attitude my grandmother and aunts maintain until this day. Walking the streets with a newfound sense of pride, I’m grateful to cross this threshold of hair confidence.

The iconic Chiney Bump is just one of the many gems that black hair can transform into. Being seen on notable black stars like Rihanna and Beyonce, this style is timeless, funky, and afro-centric. Everyone may not be as bold to try this style, but it’s important for us to see the beauty in our hair, even in the most unconventional styles. Our crown is our beauty which is our power that we must maintain. If you are insecure, I hope that you’ll find the glamour in your crown, just like me.

Crown: God & My Mom

Photos & Creative Direction: Noah Parris (@noahauriel)

Makeup & Edges: Ashley Adegbite (@loveeeeashhhh)

What's your favorite natural hairstyle to rock? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you all are inspired by this post! Much love and peace,


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