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Black Family. Black Creativity. Black Power.

Happy Wednesday guys! In today's post, I wanted to share something special and let the photos speak for themselves. Recently, my cousin came to town and wanted to have a photoshoot with my brother and I. Because she's so creative and bomb, of course we agreed, plus the pandemic really taught me to take advantage of any and every opportunity to create new memories! Through my journey as a blogger, I've always loved collaborating with black creatives whose vision and mindset surpass societal limits, but it's even better when it's family. This time around, I am truly honored to be apart of something more than just a photoshoot, a true reflection of black creativity, black family, and black power. It's always better when we're together. I hope you guys enjoy what we created, just because!

Follow my family on social media!

Samantha Reid: @_samreid

Noah Parris: @noahauriel

Stay tuned for more. Much love and peace,

- Nay.

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