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Black Parisenne

Happy Monday loves! Today’s post is all about minimalism, but making it your own. As you all know, I’m always wearing color, so this was different for me. However, since it’s Black History Month, I decided to pay homage by wearing the “February uniform” which is an all black look or in this case mostly black.

So, I decided to wear a simple black turtleneck dress with my snakeskin boots, threw on my white denim jacket and tied it at the waist. Also, I thought a black velvet beret would be the perfect touch to play into BHM, channeling the classic Parisian style.

While styling myself, I realized that each piece of clothing does not need to be statement or “extra”, especially, if you’re taking the minimal route. I know some trends say otherwise, but I’m learning that simplicity is best as I take new approaches to my style. If you put simple pieces together in the right way, you’ll have a successful, minimal yet bold outfit. Simplicity truly is the best!

Look Details:

Dress: Zara

Jacket: Uniqlo

Beret: J. CREW

Boots: Mango

Rings: Vintage

I hope you guys love this look as much as I do! Stay tuned for more posts! Xoxo - Nay

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13. Feb. 2019

This is awesome ✨ first off another great post. Black and white are colors that will always go together ! But I like that hat. I normally don’t see you with hats but they look really nice. The rings are super cute. And there goes those fierce boots !!!

Gefällt mir
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