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The Accessory That's Dominating My Closet in 2023

Now that 2023 is officially here, we’ve come to the placid time where you can reflect on the accomplishments of yesterday and the limitless opportunities of tomorrow. (that come with a fresh start). While a new beginning can happen at any time, there’s just something about a new YEAR, that simply put: hits different. Along with self elevation, one of the things that’s most exciting about the new year is the chance to further elevate your style, (all my fashion lovers understand). Whether you’re also looking to add more boundary-pushing pieces to your wardrobe or embarking on a new style journey, keep scrolling for some accessory inspiration, ahead.

As pictured, I took a semi monochromatic approach to this look, centered around a color that goes with almost everything — black. I styled Chidozie’s mesh logo knit dress paired with Bottega Veneta patent leather boots, and a Pretty Little Thing vinyl puffer. For the most important factor of the look, i accessorized with a black and red moon-print balaclava from Marine Serre. And of course, I added my black tinted Indy sunglasses, because what’s a good outfit without a pair of shades?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you would know that this is my first time wearing a balaclava, and I don’t know why it took me so long to style one. While the dress and coat combo is already a dynamic duo, I took the opportunity to go bigger. The addition of the balaclava combined with mixing prints created an unconventional, yet commanding look that worked seamlessly. Fashion is all about playing around with pieces that are both impractical and practical, and the balaclava is one piece that is definitely at the top of my accessory list. Though the balaclava is nothing new dating back to the Crimean war in 1854 where soldiers wore them during freezing temperatures, it’s resurgence in fashion amongst brands like Marine Serre and Miu Miu, proves that the unassuming accessory is here to stay, and I’m definitely a fan.

Shop The Look:

Dress: Chidozie

Balaclava: Marine Serre

Consider this the sign you needed to take more risks with your style this year. So, here’s to new beginnings, new levels, new creativity, new style, and new grace my friends. Happy New Year and stay tuned for more!

“Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.”

Isaiah 43:19 {KJV}

Much love and peace,



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