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Making My Years Count: This is 21

It’s been one month too long since I’ve made an entry on here, but I’m BACK and better! To ring in my 21st birthday, I wanted to share something very special with you all, especially since this is a milestone year for me. From COVID-19 and the racial injustices against the black community, to an extremely important, anxiety filled election, seeing another year takes on a whole new meaning and I couldn’t be more grateful to God! With the encouragement of family and friends, I decided to do a photoshoot to celebrate my coming of age that represents who I am and who I hope to become. I partnered with my friend/stylist Raquel McIntosh and photographer Latricia Morgan to help execute my vision. Today, let me show you guys a glimpse of the new Naomi.

For the first look, I wanted to do something that reflects who I’ve always been- a 90s girl. Even though I was born at the end of the decade, I LOVE everything about it, especially the black culture. From music icons like Bad Boy artists and classic shows like Moesha, to the famous Naomi Campbell and other models breaking barriers in fashion, the 90s was a legendary and trailblazing era that brought the innovation, creativity, and individuality we are all inspired by today. Since leopard is one of my favorite prints, Raquel and I created a look inspired by Naomi's outfit in a 1991 Alaia campaign, and a scene from Beyonce’s Black Is King. As pictured, each piece (apart from the boots) consists of a variety of leopard prints which plays into the edge of the look. To give an even more editorial vibe, we decided to have a leopard print backdrop.

A topaz dream: With the second look, I wanted to do an ode to my birthstone which is blue topaz. I had a vision of a glamorous concept surrounding a dramatic tulle dress and Raquel helped me push the envelope even further, with the addition of a silver headpiece and an iridescent backdrop. This look embodies all of the feelings I’m experiencing as I enter into 21- regal, exhilarated, and alive!

From the Stylist’s Lens: “When I was working on Naomi’s first look for her birthday shoot, the blue tulle dress stood out to me immediately. The layering and cut of the gown was dramatic and definitely unexpected. Naomi already has an Instagram full of perfectly crafted, chic looks so I wanted to bring a little chaos to that.

Layering the blue organza under the dress was a no brainer. I wanted something that wouldn’t distract or subtract from the effect of the dress. The organza blends with the tulle in a way that makes it seem like it was already part of the dress. Lastly, for the headpiece, I drew on the aesthetic that we were already creating with the dress and layering piece.”

- Raquel McIntosh

Leopard Look Details :

Dress: GANNI

Coat: Boohoo

Beret: A New Day

Purse: Pretty Little Thing

Boots: Bottega Veneta

Shades: 2:9

Tulle Look Details:

Dress: Kiki Riki

Top & Headpiece: Etsy

Boots: Missguided

Be sure to book Raquel (@hottiecollective) and Latricia (@theartsyplug) ! They're THE BEST!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are inspired to be daring and truly make each day count. Throughout these confusing times, remember to stay positive in mindset AND in action. Thank you ALL so much for the birthday love!

Much love and peace,

- Xoxo Nay.

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