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A Black Girl And Her Telfars: A Love Story

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

“It’s not just a bag, it’s Telfar”, a popular social media meme once said, regarding the illustrious Telfar shopping bag. I’m sure we can all agree that the black community has played an integral part in not only shaping American history, but fashion history. The iconic brand that is Telfar is no exception. As part of this year’s Black History Month series, I decided to create an ode to one of the stylish Black girl’s most cherished possessions, her Telfar bag.

Nearly 2 years after the hype surrounding Telfar bags, I can still proudly say it's worth it! Although my style isn’t super trendy, this is one trend that is clearly here to stay, and in its own right, more than a trend. Telfar Clemens first started the brand Telfar Global in 2005 as a unisex line with the foundational motto, “It’s not for you — it’s for everyone.” The brand’s inclusivity is only one of many aspects of why it’s so successful. The “it” in their motto combined with Clemens’ ability to consistently break barriers in the fashion industry, is apart of the brand’s uniqueness. Their simple, yet clean designs and relatively affordable prices create an ever-evolving catalog of luxury apparel and accessories that are easily accessible to the black community (even through a bag security program). Black luxury took on a whole new meaning, created for the people by one of our people.

After discovering his brand in 2018, I was a mere hopeful owner of one of his bags until I finally got my first yellow one on Farfetch during the resurgence of buying black two years ago. This period made me reevaluate where I was shopping and to learn to appreciate my people’s talent. Ever since then, I guess you can say I’m obsessed! Not only are their bags stylish, but they can easily be dressed up or down, so it's pretty hard to resist. My growing collection of Telfars is not a mere frivolous shopping addiction, but a concept of acquiring luxury black-owned pieces that I hope to one day pass on to my future daughters. Black Luxury is a concept and lifestyle that has empowered our community for years to come, and Telfar is a monumental part of that forever.

Shop The Look:

Bags: Telfar Global

Dress: Hanifa

Shoes: Rick Owens x Drkshdw

Sunglasses: Christianah Jones

I hope you guys enjoy this post! Stay tuned for more from my Black History Month series!

Much love and peace,


All amazing photos by Mariama Hutson (Instagram: Book her ya'll!

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