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Bold Accessories: Summering The Right Way

I’m a firm believer in the mantra, “Go Big or Go Home!”, especially when it comes to my style. Although there are many minimalists absolutely killing the fashion game, I’m one of those girls that needs all the color, prints, and overall extra aspects of fashion that you can find. One of my favorite ways to have fun with my style is by doing the most & beyond with my accessories. If you know what I mean, keep scrolling for some of my favorite pieces to accessorize with this summer!

As pictured, I’m wearing a white, zip front tiered shirt dress with my favorite Rick Owens platform sneakers. To bring some color into the mix, I decided to bring out some bright, yet classic accessories:

1. HAIR: ?? YES, your hair is your biggest accessory! Often overlooked, but your hairstyle can play a significant part in how well a look is portrayed. It can be amazing by itself, but if the hair isn’t right, then everything can easily be thrown off. The possibilities and versatility of our hair are endless, especially for us curly girls. Personally, I love doing styles that are bold, yet stress-free. To go with the street vibe of this photoshoot & combat the merciless New York humidity, bantu-knots were the perfect choice!

2. VINTAGE MONOGRAM COACH RAINBOW BAG: Recently, I’ve noticed that vintage monogram designer pieces are coming back in full force. It may be slightly trendy for some, but this traditional C monogram is simply classic! Every summer bag collection needs color, and this style does the job. How can you not love her?

3. SUNGLASSES: THE perfect combination of practicality meeting style. No matter the occasion, everyone needs a good pair of sunnies. With a wide variety to choose from, I decided to wear this funky pair since my look was so street and edgy. Colored lenses are always a good idea.

4. NAILS, NAILS, NAILS: I’m a girl who loves getting her nails done all year round, but especially in the summer time! There are so many cool designs and ideas to try out, but the classic French square always does it for me!

5. JEWELRY: Whether it’s rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, a great quality piece of jewelry can be one of the most subtle, yet important aspects of a look. I’m obsessed with rings (specifically gold), so of course doing the most with them was a no brainer.

Photos: Mariama Hutson

(social media link: @itsmariamaa @mariamaslens)

Shop The Look:

Sunglasses: Kady’s Kloset

Rings: Land of Gold

I hope you guys loved this look as much as I did! Stay tuned for more posts! Much love and peace,


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