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Here's What I Learned In My FIRST Year of Blogging

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Merry Christmas loves! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted on my blog, but a lot has been going on and sometimes you just need a break. These last 2 months of the year have definitely been the most difficult due to various experiences, including a MAJOR loss in my family. However, I am glad to say I’m getting through it and I’m beginning to see brighter days.

On a lighter note, it’s officially been ONE YEAR since I started the Eli-Nay Blog!!!!! Before I continue, I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU to any and everyone who has supported me on this journey. Thank you to all of my family, friends, Instagram followers, and even those who I’ve never met physically, but have showed endless love to me even before I started the blog. I am immensely grateful for each suggestion, encouraging word, comment, social media reshare, and DM telling me how much I inspire you. Blogging has taught me a lot and has opened many doors for me and I’ve gotten various opportunities to collaborate with amazing brands including Clarins Skincare, NastyGal, and Mejuri. If you ask me to describe my feelings, I would say surprised and thankful. It’s mind-blowing to think that before this time last year, blogging was just a dream. Sometimes, we go through life having dreams and often accomplish them, but stress & work so much that we forget to even enjoy our success. However, I intend to rejoice over EVERY win, whether it be big or small!

With today’s post, I’ll be sharing a few tips based on my first year of blogging:

1. HAVE A CLEAR PURPOSE (Don’t compare)

Even before you make your first blog post, it is essential to know who you are. NEVER compare yourself to others because it will steal your joy and distract you from focusing on your goals! With the fashion industry and blogging community so heavily populated, I understand how it can get tricky to remain authentic whether it be content wise, how you dress, or what you pursue. Even though I don’t wear pants, I have multiple inspirations in celebrities & industry figures so it’s certainly okay to be inspired, but NEVER copy. For example, I started my blog to inspire everyone and showcase style that says modesty can look amazing and as a way of empowering others to maintain their own identity. Find your purpose and let that be shown through the content you produce.

2. PRAY & PLAN. (Properly & thoroughly)

I can’t stress this one enough! In almost anything you’re doing in life, a thorough plan is key. Too many times during my journey, I’ve failed to plan and I end up rushing or postponing a photoshoot. This is not something you want to happen especially when it comes to collabs or if another person is taking your photos because you are also using their TIME. Also, write out your ideas and make the necessary preparations so that you can see your vision come to life. I know the praying part may not apply to everyone, but it certainly works for me! Praying to God about what I do in my life especially career wise helps clarify what I need to do & be apart of, and saves me time! Also, when He’s involved, nothing’s impossible.


I think this is absolutely necessary which is why you can see I practice this tip so often (haha).Whether it be 2 weeks or a month, take the time YOU NEED to get yourself together or do whatever you have to do. Not every look has to be a blog post. Save some for Instagram or your chill days! Whether it be a dry spell or you feel unmotivated, it’s okay! Take a rest and get back into your groove! After all, if you keep going through life with no rest, how will you be sane?


Even before I started blogging, I always got emails and dms from different companies and creatives asking me to collaborate with them. However, not every collaboration will be for you. Don't say yes to everyone just to say you’re doing ads or just to take a picture. Make sure the company/creative's vision aligns with yours, and always make sure the deal is going to be beneficial to both parties whether it be paid or not. Now that you have an actual brand, you have to maintain the professional mindset that what you do matters. Remember, you're a boss and your content should reflect that!


In any industry, networking is important, but especially FASHION. I have learned and are still learning that doors are not going to magically open for you. You have to get out there and do the work! It can be as small as collaborating with a fellow aspiring creative (photographers, stylists, etc.) to produce content! Every step matters. Always be kind and make connections. In order to get those deals you want or into the major Fashion Week Shows in NY, MI, Paris, and London, you and put yourself out there!

Look Details:

Jacket & Skirt Set, Purse: NastyGal

Turtleneck: Uniqlo Boots: Bottega Veneta

Rings: Vintage

I hope you guys are inspired and motivated by these tips! Thank you all for staying on this journey with me and I can’t wait to produce bigger and better content next year. Also, I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas holiday. Let 2020 be everyone’s year!

Stay tuned for more posts.

Xoxo - Nay. 

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