Making Modesty Look Good

Welcome to my blog. My name is Naomi Parris. I'm a 21 year old Brooklyn native living in NYC. Since the beginning of summer 2017, I’ve set various goals for myself, including getting more serious about my career goals. Until that point, I was very shy, from dealing with new people, to my sense of fashion. I’ve realized that networking is crucial, both in the way you present yourself, and intellectually. So, I decided to be more daring and free with my wardrobe, while sticking to my roots.

The inspiration for my style has been a combination of different celebrities and ground-breaking influencers in the fashion industry, while maintaining an awareness of wholesome values.  Though unpopular, my beliefs in modesty are important to me. Nonetheless, I endeavor to showcase my style via other platforms other than Instagram as a way of inspiring readers to elevate their sense of style as well as empower them to discover who they are and maintain their own identity.

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