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Miami Heat: These Looks Are Perfect For Summer Nights

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Happy Thursday everyone! Recently I went on a much-needed vacation with my bestfriends which I’m super grateful for, especially while still dealing with this panorama! If you’re like me, you’ll know that going out every night is an absolute must on vacay. Feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, I’m here to give you all the 411 on all my night looks from my Miami vacation! With that in mind, keep scrolling!

NIGHT 1: I decided to go with the iconic Gaia dress from Kai Collective. Despite this piece trending since the call to shop black owned resurfaced, I just had to snag this dress last year. Being that the dress is a look all by itself, I decided to add a nice, yet calm pop of color with pink heels that wouldn’t compete with the dress, but complement it. Since Miami is all about color and groovy vibes, finally bringing this piece out was a no-brainer.

Shop The Look:

Shoes: Topshop (similar style linked)

NIGHT 2: If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m absolutely obsessed with the art of color combos. While there are combinations that are quite common like brown and blue, my faves are unconventional one that doesn’t immediately come to mind. So, of course I had to do neons, I wore a pink slip dress layered under a green ruched button down shirt. To accessorize, I threw on my pink heels and mini purse with a hint of bandana print.

Shop The Look:

Dress: HM (similar style linked)

Shoes: Topshop

NIGHT 3: Now everyone who knows about Miami, knows that it’s a MUST to go to the Versace Mansion. While it’s extremely hype, I say believe the hype! From the food to the service, to the ambience, the experience is timeless. Being that Gianni Versace is such an icon, I wanted to give nothing but luxe and class for this setting. So, I wore a printed dress with a rust tassel clutch and white lace up heels.

Shop The Look:

Shoes: Miss Lola Official (similar styles)

NIGHT 4: Since the restaurant was very Cuban inspired, I knew I had to do more color. So, I wore a fire print mesh dress with white lace up heels.

Shop The Look:

Shoes: Miss Lola Official

Overall, I loved all of these looks. I think the fact that I unknowingly represented a lot of black owned quality brands on this trip, really made me love them even more. If you haven’t started yet, I hope this post inspires you to start buying black! While there are some stereotypes that may cause apprehension, believe me, there are quality BOB’s that are doing what needs to be done! If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more! Much love and peace,


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