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One Year of COVID-19: Here's How I Stay Inspired

Happy Women’s History month guys! I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted on here, but a break every now and then is necessary for me. This March has marked one year since the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise and altered life as we know it. Throughout this past year, there have been difficult times, but I’ve remained determined to stay positive and maintain inner peace at all costs, especially as a creative. With today’s post, I’ve decided to share some of the biggest ways I’ve stayed inspired and uplifted during such confusing times.

  1. P R A Y: As I’ve explained in previous posts, prayer is an essential part of my life. Sometimes, no one else understands what you’re really going through, but God. Also, a life lived with Him in control, is a life that’ll be sure to succeed. If you’re not sure as to how to pray, refer to my "Seeing The Light" post from last June.

  2. JOURNAL: I know this may be a little old-fashioned being that we live in a technology driven society, but I’ve learned that some things in life need to remain tangible. Recently, I’ve started journaling and I can’t express how much it helps with maintaining peace of mind. Whether it’s writing your dreams or aspirations for the future, or just writing out your feelings after a hard day, journaling is beneficial for mental health. It helps you take some time to be honest with yourself and recognize your feelings/thoughts and gives you the motivation to better control them, which will ultimately help you become a better person. (Habakkuk 2:2)

  3. REST: If the pandemic hasn’t taught you anything else, rest was/still is an obvious thing that we must do, whether we like it or not. After this pandemic passes and we resume some level of normalcy in everyday life, taking some time to rest is vital to being successful. We can’t operate in our full potential in any area of life, if we’re constantly tired. Even when social media makes you feel like you have to keep up with the Joneses, take some time and just REST.

  4. CREATE CREATE CREATE: If you’re a creative in any industry, whether it be fashion, photography, art or anything else, it’s SO important to keep on creating. I know it can be challenging, especially when social media exposes the annoying cons of being a creative, such as everything being so heavily saturated. However, I like to hold to this quote, “Even though a space is saturated, God’s still going to make room for me”. Did you feel that? Because I DID!

  • One of my favorite parts of creating is collaborating with other like-minded bosses! I love being able to create something that has never been done and this photoshoot pictured is no exception. New York City photographer Aviolah Joseph, who enjoys capturing black people at their finest, contacted me about doing a photoshoot. Looking at the eccentric and special qualities of her work being inspired by some of the most pioneering photographers like James Van Der Zee, I knew this collaboration was bound to be great. While still dealing with COVID-19 and the aftermath of racial tension geared towards our black community last year, collaborating with Avi, a fellow black woman, held even more weight especially during WHM. From shooting in unusual locations to challenging me to do different poses, having her as my photographer made me feel even more confident than usual, and pushed me beyond the limitations of my usual content, while staying true to who I am and who she is as an artist. (See her amazing work linked here : )

Shop The Look (or similar styles) below:

Turtleneck: Zara

Skirt: Uniqlo

Sunglasses: 2:9

I hope you guys are inspired by this post and that these tips can help you on your peace journey as the world continues to navigate through this pandemic and the ever-changing social issues that try to steal our joy. Stay tuned for more!

Much love and peace,


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