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Seeing The Light: What the COVID-19 & Racial Pandemics Taught Me

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Happy June loves! Long time no see! I know I’ve been MIA on here for the past two months, but this break was much needed for me. I know this season has brought a lot of fear & anxiety for so many of us. My heart goes out to all of those who have suffered/lost whether it be physically or mentally from this pandemic and the recent tragedies against black people. I’ve taken this time of forced rest to really reflect on myself and see how I can be better on all spectrums of life & actually mature. Today’s post is a little different from my usual styling tips because I want to be sensitive to the times. I not only want to give you some look inspo, but some soul food because we can all use A LOT of encouragement, especially during this pivotal time of our lives.

Throughout this experience, I’ve noticed that a lot of people have solely focused on the negatives and have just been in this constant state of worry. I’ve even heard things like “2020’s cancelled” or “let’s fast-forward to 2021”. In the beginning, I admit I did get caught up in fear and became angry & depressed for some days because of all the terrible things that’ve happened. Although none of us would’ve ever wanted anything like this to happen, it’s important to know and believe that there is still GOOD throughout and after this (Romans 8:18 & 28). Here are a few tips to shift your mindset to success during these trying times:

  1. PRAY. If I didn’t know it before, now I know how CRITICAL it is to talk to God. If you don’t know how to, it’s real simple as if you’re talking to me or a friend. Be sincere, respectful, and honest. After all, there’s so many things you can pray about right now (physical/emotional healing, guidance, peace, equality, love in our world etc.) Prayer is essential to us making it.

  2. ADJUST YOUR PERSPECTIVE. Turn your negative thoughts into positives. It’s easier said than done, but choose positivity and let your mind be a place of peace. Make positive affirmations. Say to yourself, “God is in control.” “I won’t claim 2020 as a bad year”. “I am strong.” “My life is WORTH living”. “God created us all equal”. “There are brighter days ahead”. “We shall overcome” etc. Think and speak life.

  3. READ. Prior to this pandemic, I actually hated reading lol. If it wasn’t for school, I didn’t read much. But, reading has helped me a lot and will calm the mind. Believer or not, I strongly recommend reading the Bible. It’s infallible & true and contains countless gems to help us through difficult times in life like now. (If you need some uplifting scriptures, dm me.) Also, get books on self-growth, positivity, and our culture. It’s important to educate yourself and feed your spirit with good because you are what you eat.

  4. BE CREATIVE & PRODUCTIVE. I know it seems hard, especially if you're not working ad are stuck at home. However, after getting tired of doing the same old things barely being productive, I’ve adjusted my perspective & realized there’s a good amount of things that you can do. If you haven’t as yet, use this time to find your passion & purpose. Tap into your creativity. What do you enjoy? Whether it’s cooking, writing, sewing, starting a YouTube, creating at-home content, the opportunities are there. If you don’t like the negativity you see on social media, take a break or change the trends by using it to inspire someone through the content you produce. If you are determined to see racism die and justice prevail for the black community like me, see what you can do to contribute to the solution & do something! You can spread awareness by signing petitions, protesting, and sharing useful information on your platforms. After all, faith without works is dead (James 2:26).

Overall, I just want you guys to be inspired and uplifted. This has been an undoubtedly crazy time because we are currently fighting two viruses - one spiritual, one physical. Nevertheless, there is hope and things have gotten and will continue to get better. According to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center, as of June 1st, over 2.6 million people have successfully recovered from the coronavirus worldwide! That’s something to be grateful for. Also, even though an unexpected amount of black people have perished from racism in this year alone, many of us are still alive and well. We are getting better and stronger. We will rise in the face of hate. Let these events drive you to be the best you can be in & for the black community. It is my greatest hope that you all have been motivated by this entry to stand up and be apart of the change, and maintain these positive habits not just through the storm, but even when life gets better. To all my black men & women know that I feel you, I’m praying for you, I love you, and most of all, God loves us just as black as we are. If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for your continued support and stay safe and strong. Remember, God’s got us and we gon’ be alright!!

Ways to Help:

To donate or sign various petitions - ,

Text "FLOYD" to 55156 to sign the petition.

Rest in peace to all the souls gone too soon.

Much love and peace,


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