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Styling Bright Colors: RED

Happy Tuesday loves! Today’s post is all about my favorite summer style tip: styling bright colors. With so many trends surfacing and the warmer weather finally sticking around, there’s endless options for styling bold colors. In this case, my friends and I decided to style red as our neutral color for this photoshoot. Whether you’re going to a dressy event or for a casual day out in the city, we’ve got the perfect look inspiration for you!

*All these AMAZING photos were taken by Alexander Cabrera! (instagram: @cabrera.raw)*

Cyara (instagram: @silva.dreams):

While both looks reflected Cyara in a sophisticated light, the streetwear outfit was her favorite because it caused her to branch out from her “go-to” urban & comfortable style. The stylist, Raquel McIntosh was able to successfully refine the ideal mom jeans look with a sleek red blazer and classic white mules. Ultimately, CyCy’s style was brought to a new level of maturity and elegance, while incorporating red.

Look Details:

Casual: Statement Chic:

Blazer & Shirt- Zara Top & Skirt- Zara

Pants- Tommy Hilfiger (Depop) Chain- Nasty Gal

Mules- Boohoo Mules- Boohoo


I loved both outfits, but especially loved the second look, considering this was the first time I’ve let someone else seriously style me. Thanks to Raquel, I really stepped out of my comfort zone and rocked a statement look without straying away from my style or who I am. I’d never thought I’d wear polka dots again, but the white sheer dress paired with a classic red slip dress just really worked and was a fun, innovative play on styling a slip dress. I’ve been successfully trying new things with my style lately and this look was no exception.

Naomi’s Look Details:

Casual: Statement Chic:

Dress - Zara Dresses & Shoes- Zara

Sneakers- Wanted Australia

Shades- Vintage

From the Stylist’ Perspective: Raquel McIntosh (Instagram: @hottiecollective)

1. What was your favorite part of styling for this shoot? (briefly describe styling thought process, did you try any trends etc.)

“My favorite part of styling this shoot was seeing the looks I created in my head come together. My goal was to not make anything too trendy, and to try to put a twist on classic looks. For example, the chain with the red satin skirt and the long, lace polka dot dress layered under a red slip dress were unexpected elements that brought a whole new dimension to each look.

2. Why do you think these looks are perfect for transitioning from spring to summer ?

White tees, light, airy satin skirts and a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans are perfect for the transition from spring to summer because they are all very versatile styles. You can easily dress them up or down in order to plan for the fluctuating weather.”

Which one of our looks were your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for more posts! Xoxo

- Nay.

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