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The Matriarch, The Monarch, & The Young Queen — Through The Eyes Of The Young King

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The Mother. One of God’s finest, yet vital creations. The Black Mother, a woman of strength, resilience, & impact. Mothers were symbolically created to show God’s care and love for us. There’s nothing like the comfort, the passion, and the heart a mother has for her family. She’s the bearer of life, the protector & the support. Today, along with my sister, I’d like to highlight the two ladies in our lives that have been nothing but the embodiment of what a mother is supposed to be. I introduce to you, our Matriarch & Monarch.

MATRIARCH: a woman who rules or dominates a family, group, or state specifically. A mother who is head and ruler of her family and descendants. - Our grandmother is a woman of integrity, strength, class, and wisdom. She’s the gatekeeper. The roots that hold the DNA of our family. We’ve heard stories of her childhood, lessons she’s learned, and still admire how she’s navigated this thing called life for 70+ years with such poise. Her vision for her grandchildren is that we’d grow up to not just be regular people in this world, but trailblazers and remarkable beings in this world. That her great grandchildren will reap the harvest of what she’s birthed.

MONARCH: the sovereign mother of the reigning Queen. Head of state; second head of her family.

-Our mother is a woman of grace, modesty, intuition, and devout. She’s the discerner. The unwavering pillar that stands on the sturdy foundation of our DNA, our Matriarch. There’s nothing like a praying mother, a neutral mother, & a nonjudgmental mother. Her correction is not one of hurt, but constructive. She too, now in the beginning of her golden years, has showed us a great example of how to be a strong wife and mother. I believe that’s something all young people need to have in their homes, especially in black families. Her vision for her children are that we keep God first in everything and remain true to ourselves. With two young adults on her hand, taking on the world, she’s prepared us to take it by storm.

Two beautiful Jamaican-West Indian ladies who have been instrumental in the development of our family. Through their drive, tears, sleepless nights, and prayers, they’ve built a strong sense of family, that can’t be broken. I look at my sister, in adornment, because I see many characteristics of both our Grandmother & Mother. Grandma walked so Mom can run, Mom ran so Naomi can fly. When it’s her turn to be promoted from Queen to Mother, I pray that she takes the golden traits that these women have instilled in us, and passes them on to her daughters & sons. Changing the narrative and being just as honorable or even more. This is the Prince turned Young King signing off. It is with great pleasure and love that I can proudly say, Happy Mother’s Day.

All photos by my iconic brother, Noah Parris @noahauriel. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that every mother feels celebrated today and everyday. Stay tuned for more posts! Much love and peace.


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