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New York Meets Europe: How I Style A Babushka

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

It’s starting to finally feel and look like Spring here in NYC and I couldn’t be happier! I’m sure I can speak for a lot of us when I say that the warm weather just brings something good in the air, and hits DIFFERENT! One of my favorite things about Spring is being able to try new styles after purging my wardrobe from Spring cleaning. If you’re looking to push the envelope with your style this season, keep scrolling!

If you’ve been reading my blog or following me for a while, you would know that I’m not a super trendy girl. However, there are some trends that are simply timeless that you can’t resist! As pictured, I decided to finally try out the Babushka trend, as affectionately labeled by ASAP Rocky. I would have never in a million years guessed I’d be wearing babushkas, but here we are now. While doing some research, I discovered this way of wearing scarves originated as the traditional style that grandmothers in Eastern Europe would often rock as a means of covering their hair when attending church.

As you can see, I decided to take a more street style approach with the Babushka trend. I wore a nude ruched dress with a pair of Rick Owens Drkshdw platform sneakers. To further accessorize, I threw on my white ruched purse and tied a zebra print scarf around the handle. You guys already know I’m obsessed with sunglasses, so I threw on a pink 90s pair!

The epitome of class, rocking a Babushka clearly has me feeling myself! I’m so glad I tried this style, as it brought a certain level of confidence that isn’t too much, and pushed me out of my comfort zone, which is what I’ve been looking to do more of this season. Pairing it with a simple piece and an edgy sneaker, shows that babushkas are the perfect combination of versatility and style!

Shop the Look (or similar styles) below:

Babushka: MANGO

Dress & Scarf: Ava Giselle Collection

Rings: Land of Gold

Sunglasses: ASOS

Use my code “NAY25” to get 25% off your purchase on the Ava Giselle site!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more. Much love and peace,


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