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The Best Winter Look Formula For A Lazy Day

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Happy Tuesday loves! If you live in NYC like me or anywhere where winter comes, you would know it’s been BRICK outside lately. With it being so cold, I know that sometimes we can get lazy and not want to put as much effort into what we wear. For my first blog post of the new year, I’m sharing the formula to a little winter lazy day outfit with you guys that can help you create amazing looks with these wardrobe staples, while staying warm and cozy.


As pictured, I decided to make the monochromatic approach with a lil color play. I wore an off white long-sleeve hooded dress with my go-to chunky white ankle boots. Since it is puffer season, I decided to be bold and throw on my red longline jacket. As you guys already know, I love a good pair of sunglasses, so I added my red pair.

I absolutely LOVED (still love) this outfit for many reasons. I think it’s one of my favorite looks of 2020 and we are only in the first month lol. That’s how excited I was when it came together. To start off, this look is practical and versatile. Whether you’re going to a casual event, hanging out with friends, doing a photoshoot, or even running errands, you’ll be set. There are no heels to the boots so you’ll be comfortable all day. Not to mention, you’re dressing smart for the weather, while looking bomb.

Also let’s GET INTO THE PUFFER & COLOR: Ever since I decided to add more bold colors in my closet, red has been one of my favorites. As loud as it is, it can go with a lot of colors and prints if you know how to work it. I got this puffer from Aritzia and it is so warm, yet stylish. These pieces paired together is an instantly elevated streetwear vibe that you can never get enough of and requires zero effort. Also, you can wear each piece on repeat this season, just styled differently. Need I say more?

Look Details:

Puffer: Aritzia

Sweatshirt Dress: Uniqlo

Boots & Purse: NastyGal

Sunglasses: Vintage

All photos by the amazing Kim Carnes (@kimcarnes). Also, follow her photography page: @mi6ni6ght)

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys are inspired! Stay tuned for more!

Xoxo - Nay.

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